In accordance with the Constitution of the association notice is hereby given that the 41st Annual General Meeting of The Centre will be held at 6:30 pm Monday 25 September 2017 at the club rooms of the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women, North and West Melbourne Branch, 16 Little Errol Street North Melbourne.

1. Welcome
2. Attendance and Apologies
3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2015-16 AGM
4. Receive the Management Committee Annual Report 2016-17
5. Election of 3 persons for a three year term (2017 to 2019) to be members of the Management Committee. Nominations for membership of the Management Committee close at 5 pm Sunday 24 September 2017.
6. Annual Financial Report year ended 30 June 2017 in accordance with Section 94 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.
7. Determine the annual subscription and date for payment thereof.
8. Appointment of an Auditor or Auditors

Subject to available space, members of the public are invited to attend as observers. The reports will be publicly available on our website http://www.centre.org.au progressively from 1 September 2017.

Michael J Halls
Director and Returning Officer
26 August 2017


Don’t forget our 40th Spring Fling Festival is on Sunday 15 October 2017!


Home Away From Homework Club are launching their campaign to raise funds for the training of the volunteer tutors who are vital to helping the kids of North and West Melbourne. To find out more, please click HERE

Office Hours:

Monday 10am-6pm (3pm until 18 September)
Tuesday to Friday 10am-3pm