How to contribute

Our vibrant community newspaper depends on you either reporting on your own organisations or making direct contributions.

(1) How much to write?
Each contribution is unique so no definitive word length is imposed – but stories are always more effective when trimmed back.
A (very) rough guide: usually 300-500 words or thereabouts work well longer stories (features, profiles) might carry a bit more (500-800).
If any queries before you start writing or post writing, if you think you might have got a bit carried away please ask us.

(2) Deadline & Pictures
Please try to keep to our deadlines. (If you run into trouble, tell and we will work something out.)
Please send us an interesting pic if you can with details of the photographer and any important details about the pic.

Copy deadlines

Copy deadline for each quarterly edition is 29 days before publication

Deadline for Winter 2022 edition:
Friday 13th May 2022
Publication date: Friday 10th June 2022

Contributions can be sent to the News editor
Email: “”